" i-Zone-3 technologies, Inc. - SECURITY ROBOTICS

Mission Objectives

"Stand Up Firmly For Justice""

Our primary objective is to help prevent and eradicate child trafficking, child torture and infanticide globally.

Every year thousands of children are abducted for abuse, organ harvesting and murder. There can be no disagreement, regardless of religion, race, language or culture... that abducting and killing children is absolutely abhorrent and needs to be completely opposed wherever possible

i-Zone-3 Technologies intends to support this effort via a range of high tech solutions such as robotics, neural net analysis and global partnerships.

Secondary objectives are to help prevent crime worldwide by supporting policing globally - providing powerful drone and security robotics, analysis support systems as well as our own security support services - "STARFORCE.US".

Finally we also allow students and the general public to learn from and experience some of our exciting technology developments such as flight simulators, VR shooters, laser marksmanship and much more...