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The spacecraft depicted above (SF-5) is a low cost small carrier designed to carry a load and be able to reach the lunar surface

We have already begun construction in our facility in Atlanta GA. It has three main components:

(1) Rotating Oxygen fed jet thrusters
(2) Drone propeller system for VTOL stabilization
(3) Wings, rudders and flaps for jet based altitude climbing

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This is a VTOL space capable autonomous drone

It is designed to fly in plane and jet mode to a high altitude and then use rear boosters to propel into orbit

Once in orbit, it should use a combination of image recognition, star maps and time based positional datum to break out of orbit and head towards the moon. Once in proximity to the moon to begin a controlled descent and landing onto the lunar surface

We want to be able to build and fully fuel this craft for under $50,000 (USD) - and we want it to be able to bring a payload to the moon.

Note: This is a pre-launch basic proof of concept.

If we can build and launch at $50K, if simulator software and AI license revenues reach millions per month, then we can launch a whole host of missions

Initial launch sites may occur in Senegal or Somalia - countries with the easiest coast launch rules so we can get to orbit quickly.