Virtual Reality Gaming Sessions

Great Family, Friends, Schools and Office fun

Real Flight Training and Virtual Shooters.

From $199 per hour per group.


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Virtual Space Combat

Enter into your cockpit and launch into space. Six Degrees of Freedom with a 360 degree view.

Your cockpit vibrates and hums to the engine and explosions.

Space Dogfights featuring Artificial Intelligence Wingmen. 



What is this about?

This is a virtual reality arcade session featuring custom built cockpits and rigs.

Who is this for?

This is great for school STEM field trips, families or groups of friends, or office colleagues. Anyone over the age of 10 can participate.

What do you teach on School STEM trips? We teach students about 3D vision, GPS and virtual reality.

For The Public, what games do you have?

Our standard Virtual Reality options are a shooter , a flight simulator and a combat spaceship simulator. Other games are available on request and via prebooking.

How many can play?

Our standard arrangement is 5 people for 1 hour. Its up to the participants which games they play on and for how long. And for schools we take 15 students at a time.

Can I bring small kids?

Yes, so long as you manage them fully - a cartoon movie on a big 400 inch screen can be played for them.

Who are i-Zone-3?

We are a GPS navigation and security robotics engineering company that shares exciting technology with the public and schools.


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Hours of Operation

Sat-Thu :Online Booking Only, no walk-ins

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