Learn how to fly an L39 Albatross Russian Jet. Crawl into a custom manufactured virtual reality flight cockpit and check gauges and controls. Full live training given as you are taught how to fire your thruster and maintain a straight path down the runway - and then turn the wing flaps to take off. You then learn how to stabilize the plane as you gain altitude and then fly up to a wingman in the air and then fly through some hills and then back to land.

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Sit tight inside a custom manufactured cockpit as you learn to fly with six degrees of freedom in an asteroid belt along with two computerized wingman. Learn how to maneuver your craft, how to manipulate shields and how to fire various weapons. You and your wingmen will need to take out an enemy before they take you out. Full live instructions given.

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SURROUND Projection Helo Sim

Climb up into our custom designed and built surround projection helicopter simulator! Learn how to hold that chopper steady as you take off... If your really good, you can go on a timed race. You will really feel the huge propellors vibrate!

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When we set about designing the facility in 2016 we knew we absolutely did NOT want to simply be a VR arcade. We wanted to go way above and beyond. We wanted to be educational, beneficial AND fun. So we designed and manufactured custom cockpits, and customized experiences... as well as an educational program so that your money is very well spent.

Because we are a manufacturing company, and an electronic engineering company as well as a software engineering and graphic design company - we can continue to bring forth amazing experiences that very few others can even start to approach.

virtual range

Have immense fun while tuning your instincts shooting virtual targets with virtual weaponry. Whether using a VR Glock 17 or an AR15 in a VR range or a live scenario - you will learn about weapon safety and usage --- and you will learn to develop spacial awareness and lightning fast accurate shooting and differentiation reactions!

leadership training

Leadership training can be intense, nerve wracking and extremely fulfilling. We put you into real battle - one team versus another each with a team lead. GREAT for international cadets and ROTC training along with the flight training.

steel battalion

Climb into your vertical tank cockpit and take control of a futuristic walking "tank" in either player vs player or single player missions. This is NO walk in the park and requires a fair bit of practice and training. The picture shown is an early stage of the cockpit and simulator build.

stem learning

Are your kids home-schooled? If so, this is a great opportunity for you and one or two other families to get useful insight into 3D human vision, tracking electronics and mathematics. The picture above is a session with GSU students..