Simulator, Cockpit and Robotics Manufacture

Advanced - prebuilt or kit form - we will build simulator cockpits or custom robotics and vehicles with built-in AI

Community Education - STEM

Who ever owns the keys to Engineering and Science can shape the future. We take pride in educating teachers, students and the general community.

Flight Training

Low Cost supplementary flight training for real flights. Real flights cost approximately $3000 per hour. Our supplementary VR based training is only $60 per hour.

Security Systems and Personnel

Using Virtual Reality, security personnel can train to become ultra efficient in differentiating between hostiles and hostages.  They can also practice marksmanship and team coordination.

Organizational Leadership

Scientific Leadership Development.

We design mission based activities, based on research data, to identify and enhance successful leadership and team traits.

i-Zone-3 Labs

On going high-tech projects.

  • Security Communications Gear
  • High Capacity Electric Vehicles
  • Security Robots
  • Vehicle Intelligence
  • Building Surveillance Technologies

Video Links

Quick Link to Some of Our Activities