" i-Zone-3 technologies, Inc. - Virtual Reality Simulation

Family, Friends or Office VR Events

Rated at $199 per 50 mins for upto 5.
Whatever the occasion, be sure that you and your friends swing by for an amazing experience.

STEM - Community Education

Transforming Schools into World Class Leaders.
Whoever owns the keys to Engineering and Science can shape the future. We take pride in educating teachers, students and the general community.

Leadership Training

Rated at $450 per 60 minutes for upto 15.
Advanced Leadership Training. Learn how to WIN. Modern battlefield techniques drawn from history. Full virtual battlefields to engage in.

Custom Robotics

Using Neural Net and Evolutionary Algorithms, advanced robotic systems can be designed. Robots can take the form of security guards, autonomous vehicles, drones, boats..

Simulator and Cockpit Manufacture

Advanced - prebuilt or kit form - we will build custom simulator cockpits for gaming or simulation.

Custom Hardware and Software

Want to build something really Special? Shoot us an email, maybe we can work something out.

Flight Training

Rated at $99 per 50 mins per person.
Supplementary flight training on an L39C VR Simulator Pod

Laser Target Practice Fun

Rated at $199 per 50 mins per person.
Laser tracked Sniper Simulation System using real scope and simulated targets

Organizational Leadership

Scientific Leadership Development.

We design mission based activities, based on research data, to identify and enhance successful leadership and team traits.

i-Zone-3 Labs

On going high-tech projects.

  • Security Communications Gear
  • High Capacity Electric Vehicles
  • Security Robots
  • Vehicle Intelligence
  • Building Surveillance Technologies

Video Links

Quick Link to Some of Our Activities